Eating the Worlds SPICIEST Noodles - Korean Noodle Challenge

I ate the world famous spicy korean noodles, and I challenged myself to eat an entire giant bowl. It was brutal! DROP A LIKE FOR MY PAIN!!
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  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug

    Prije mjesec

    this may be the end of spicy videos... unless of course u guys want more HAHA

    • Ivory HAISE

      Ivory HAISE

      Prije 5 sati


    • Rance Blancada

      Rance Blancada

      Prije dan

      Rug 5 pounds is heavy in the Philippines 5 years old kid can carry a hole tree



      Prije 2 dana

      @ZaidX7 U just want us to like but u just say don't like for us to like

    • FAZE RUG 2

      FAZE RUG 2

      Prije 6 dana

      Rug! Hi i love you so much today is my birthday plz responded it’s not a waste of time and can we FaceTime??

    • Marie Madoo

      Marie Madoo

      Prije 18 dana


  2. PAtricia Beaudry

    PAtricia Beaudry

    Prije sat

    Is sure we want more HAHA

  3. Axel


    Prije 3 sati

    Rug:calling adapt Adapt:was up rugy

  4. Usman Anees

    Usman Anees

    Prije 4 sati

    Faze rug: this is tooo spicy how is this legel. Koreans : MAKE IT MORE SPICY THIS AINT SPICY

  5. Alec Noob

    Alec Noob

    Prije 4 sati

    The best way to do it just eat it as fast as you can

  6. Justin Puma

    Justin Puma

    Prije 5 sati

    @mattstonie wya



    Prije 5 sati

    Faze rug I’ll do that challenge don’t think about it just munch on it

  8. Qayoum Saadiq

    Qayoum Saadiq

    Prije 6 sati

    Bro imma eat all of that in 1min it looks so good

  9. ryan kanj

    ryan kanj

    Prije 6 sati

    Come on rug I'm jealous

  10. Abel ALEX G

    Abel ALEX G

    Prije 7 sati

    No no don't put that in please please

  11. Abel ALEX G

    Abel ALEX G

    Prije 7 sati

    That is the spiciest thing that ever ate.

  12. Scott Gordon

    Scott Gordon

    Prije 9 sati

    The spicy noodles are called vindaloo

  13. Scott Gordon

    Scott Gordon

    Prije 9 sati

    I respect you phase rug

  14. Player AI Self made

    Player AI Self made

    Prije 10 sati

    Lemme do the challenge

  15. Mehak Kapoor

    Mehak Kapoor

    Prije 13 sati

    Much respect

  16. Soothing White Noise

    Soothing White Noise

    Prije 15 sati


  17. EKI


    Prije 15 sati

    this is an act...i neary eat them everyday..i love'em they are not that spicy broo

  18. Quxlity🌠


    Prije 16 sati

    brooo this is not spicy

  19. Tyler Lane

    Tyler Lane

    Prije 18 sati

    Faze rug: *goes to get milk jug* Me: 0-0 *bruh this ain’t Minecraft

  20. Christian the pro

    Christian the pro

    Prije dan

    you are risking your live right know

  21. Christian the pro

    Christian the pro

    Prije dan

    Bro this was so fun th watch

  22. Panthe Sinner

    Panthe Sinner

    Prije dan

    Bra I can do that challenge but the noodles don’t taste that good to be honest

  23. criszxi


    Prije dan

    lmao i want to try it so bad

  24. Merson Person

    Merson Person

    Prije dan

    Was it more hot then the one chip chelleng

  25. Santiago Ponce

    Santiago Ponce

    Prije dan

    I got hungry because I love spicy

  26. ayham zubaidi

    ayham zubaidi

    Prije dan

    you got this!!!!!!!!!!

  27. ayham zubaidi

    ayham zubaidi

    Prije dan

    it looks bussin no cap

  28. kath


    Prije dan


  29. its me

    its me

    Prije dan

    Spice king watching this: *Evil laughs*

  30. Anonymous_GamerKVB


    Prije dan

    i eat this noodle everyday like normal food

  31. Legend Francisco

    Legend Francisco

    Prije dan

    If this was me I would have just went oof after one bite I can’t with spicy

  32. Thingo Adan (Thingo) Austin

    Thingo Adan (Thingo) Austin

    Prije dan

    you do be brave do

  33. Jorge Ochoa

    Jorge Ochoa

    Prije dan


  34. Jorge Ochoa

    Jorge Ochoa

    Prije dan


  35. ツZEFIX


    Prije dan

    *hot stuffs*

  36. kavita mishra

    kavita mishra

    Prije dan

    You are crazy . Mad respect for you man.

  37. JarHead SS

    JarHead SS

    Prije 2 dana

    This foo looks like 3elemento

  38. Xomoney


    Prije 2 dana

    Dang it I thought about doing it



    Prije 2 dana

    Poor rug😥



    Prije 2 dana

    That looks busting rugg

  41. Deray is great Llj

    Deray is great Llj

    Prije 2 dana

    4:27 got me luaghing

  42. Christopher Lalduhawma

    Christopher Lalduhawma

    Prije 2 dana

    25 + 25 bro thats heavy than me im 34 and thats 50 pounds

  43. Christopher Lalduhawma

    Christopher Lalduhawma

    Prije 2 dana

    What you so havy in our country the only like 10 persent 100 pounds and there like only body builder

  44. Mamkajiwin


    Prije 2 dana

    What’s up Broski 🦋🦋

  45. Laura Moreno

    Laura Moreno

    Prije 2 dana

    can ihelp yo

  46. Simon Qq

    Simon Qq

    Prije 2 dana

    I am in tears and I might faint I'm literally in pain

  47. SniperxX_gaming123


    Prije 2 dana

    congrats on your 19m

  48. Corey Mcadams

    Corey Mcadams

    Prije 2 dana

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ha

  49. aadit raj chandel

    aadit raj chandel

    Prije 2 dana

    bruh i cn eat spicy noodles but not that much my stomach will explode

  50. Izabella Perez

    Izabella Perez

    Prije 2 dana

    Hi Faze Rug I loveeeee your videos! I hope you have a great day and keep up the positive vibes because you inspire me to be nice to others! ❤️❤️😁😁

  51. Joseph Cendejas

    Joseph Cendejas

    Prije 3 dana


  52. sam the pogchamp

    sam the pogchamp

    Prije 3 dana

    i would just grab a handful and just think the noodles as normal noodles

  53. jjtost


    Prije 3 dana

    faze rug not trying to be mean but you weigh nothing

  54. Dino is Nob

    Dino is Nob

    Prije 3 dana

    I love those noodles and I would kill to do this challenge

  55. game tutorials

    game tutorials

    Prije 3 dana

    1:03 its called Soy Sauce

  56. Clapzyz


    Prije 3 dana

    Not going to lie I tried them there insane but still very spicy and need some milk

  57. Sota Pizza

    Sota Pizza

    Prije 3 dana

    I want some

  58. Ismaeel Aweys

    Ismaeel Aweys

    Prije 3 dana

    POV: you are watching faze rug eating the spiciest noodles in the world while you are jamming eating bread and nutella

  59. Julizza Urias

    Julizza Urias

    Prije 3 dana

    “ it’s all in your head “ from a wise man name Russ

  60. Alek Khalsa

    Alek Khalsa

    Prije 4 dana

    Bro the how is it legal is in every spicy and sour challenge lol😂

  61. Alek Khalsa

    Alek Khalsa

    Prije 4 dana

    P.O.V. U liked the vid before he said anything

  62. ShaheerGaming_


    Prije 4 dana

    I bought these noodles but didnt realise they were the speciest noodles in the world

  63. Slotsunken!


    Prije 4 dana

    Cmon guys this guy deserves 20M

  64. ben flores

    ben flores

    Prije 4 dana

    tag nikado avacodo

  65. miya


    Prije 4 dana

    I eat this only because I love the taste I crave the taste but the spice just hurts so much my ears literally feel so hot😭😭

  66. Anshika Pajiyar

    Anshika Pajiyar

    Prije 5 dana

    brian is an amazing man with a pure and a kind personality! hats off!❤️

  67. 70kFrost


    Prije 5 dana

    I thought of you when I was doing this challenge 🤟🏻

  68. Alison Rumsey

    Alison Rumsey

    Prije 5 dana

    Once I ate even more spicey noodles the water of the noodles burned my throat sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  69. ever Anzora

    ever Anzora

    Prije 5 dana

    But you did really good

  70. Sak :]

    Sak :]

    Prije 5 dana

    No The ghost pepper noodles are the spiciest.



    Prije 5 dana

    Those spicy noodles are not spicy for me even the 2x are not spicy for me

  72. Danny Eakman

    Danny Eakman

    Prije 5 dana

    I tryed this before it's really hot

  73. _ayn20


    Prije 5 dana

    I'm so sorry you had to do this 🤣 For me it's difficult to even finish a packet of Korean spicy noddles and dude you went there eating a bunch 👉👈

  74. Guiba Keita

    Guiba Keita

    Prije 5 dana

    Rug:this is hot bro nobody:he’s smiling bro

  75. adames yiralissi

    adames yiralissi

    Prije 6 dana

    give my daughter so pls

  76. The Panda Gamer

    The Panda Gamer

    Prije 6 dana

    Me growing up Asian 😂

  77. Jon


    Prije 6 dana

    i wanna try spicy noodles

  78. Liz


    Prije 6 dana

    Not to be rude but I always eat these 🧍‍♀️ they are not that spicy 😭 but that’s just bcs my tolerance is high

  79. WaR_hAwK2517


    Prije 6 dana

    4:53 oof the sound is insane

  80. Mr peters

    Mr peters

    Prije 6 dana

    Spicekingcam? spicekingrug

  81. Solo


    Prije 6 dana

    I always like no matter what the vid is but I only do this on this channel coz I love ur vids BRIAN

  82. LyricalSniper


    Prije 6 dana

    To be honest it look like 🍝

  83. Summer Woods

    Summer Woods

    Prije 6 dana

    that look good

  84. Endless Boost

    Endless Boost

    Prije 6 dana

    Luv your videos

  85. JooHoneyy Fam

    JooHoneyy Fam

    Prije 6 dana

    You Americans and Australians are bad at ur spice intakes 😂💀

    • bigboy chungis

      bigboy chungis

      Prije 6 dana


  86. Cerina PRG

    Cerina PRG

    Prije 6 dana

    Doses are not the spicy one the 2x ones is the that is spicy

  87. Lai Pa

    Lai Pa

    Prije 6 dana

    When I eat spicy Korean noodle I was a kid it’s reminds me of a toy

  88. Free State FS

    Free State FS

    Prije 6 dana

    Am I the only one here who actually likes spicy noodles/food

  89. Ryno Savage08

    Ryno Savage08

    Prije 7 dana

    I know that they are spicy but low key look good

  90. Samuel Mota

    Samuel Mota

    Prije 7 dana

    :me thinking thats good :also me thinking the consequenses that it is so spiey

  91. Destiny Escamilla

    Destiny Escamilla

    Prije 7 dana

    You are my biggest fan

  92. Destiny Escamilla

    Destiny Escamilla

    Prije 7 dana

    Love you

  93. Mohit Saini

    Mohit Saini

    Prije 7 dana

    He didn't eat with hands so it's easy to win I think is cheating

  94. Frosty


    Prije 7 dana

    Plot twist: He was blushing in the thumbnail 😂

  95. Smm Sajan

    Smm Sajan

    Prije 7 dana


  96. Ganzo8


    Prije 7 dana

    Good luck faze rug

  97. Rizka Maghfiroh

    Rizka Maghfiroh

    Prije 7 dana

    Please try indomie noodle mie goreng original flavor

  98. Guadalupe Saavedra

    Guadalupe Saavedra

    Prije 7 dana

    Now I want to eat does spicy noodles cuz I love spicy food

  99. Rendurs


    Prije 7 dana

    Ik this is a month late but if u eat something hot don’t drink water milk or eat ice cream gargle hot water for some reason it helps a ton

  100. ShaggyOregano 19

    ShaggyOregano 19

    Prije 7 dana

    Your 3 years late